Next Generation Digital Transformation for Agro Supply Chain Through Blockchain Enabled Traceability 

Multi Vendor Visibility | Product Traceability | Revenue Assurance | Business Process Automation  

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  • Business Process Audit 
  • Blockchain Enablement
  • Third Party Integration
  • Free Trial for One Month
  • Limited Transactions
  • One Time On-boarding Cost
  • Basic Support



  • Business Process Audit
  • Customized Services 
  • Third Party Integration
  • Scale as you Grow
  • One Time Deployment Cost
  • Priority Support
  • Volume Based Transactions


Traceability as a Service

Traceability as a service for supply chain and multiparty business processes, backed by emerging technologies such as Blockchain , AI and IoT

On Boarding & Deployment

One time on-boarding process to fast track agro digital transformation for the customer's business , charged based on the complexity and customization requests.

Business Process Audit

Auditing the company process to assess the readiness for adopting the solution and enabling agro digital transformation

Private Blockchain

Built atop the robust Hyperledger Fabric platform for private Blockchain to provide the most efficient and secured environment for managing distributed ledger, for upto 5 nodes (organizations).

Third Party Integration

Open APIs to allow push or pull based integration with third party platforms such as ERP's, Inventory management and logistics software

Unique Trace ID

Each product is identified by a unique trace ID which acts as a globally unique hash code to follow the trail of the product & can be linked with a physically unclonable identity. 

Transaction Based Billing

Agroblock bills the clients based on number of transactions. The minimum tier is ten thousand transactions at 15 cents / per transaction. 

Volume Based Discounts

Discounted & volume based pricing available above 10K transaction, scalable upto 100K

IoT Automation

Support for IoT Automation is available, as per requirement and will be provided by partner company at extra cost.

Data Storage

Data storage of upto 3 months. Additional storage can be provided at an extra cost. 


Example 1 - Simple scenario

  1. A customer orders a 100 packages of a product from its upstream supplier.
  2. The supplier dispatches 100 packages and each package is marked as a transaction at the supplier end.
  3. The packages arrive at the customer end. The package information is updated to reflect the possession with the customer.
  4. The customer sells those 100 packages to various downstream buyers.
  5. The packages are delivered to the respective downstream buyers.  

In this case there are 100 transactions created , each with a globally unique trace Id that can trace its associated package back to the original supplier.

Example 2 - Shipment Split

  1. A customer orders a single container consignment which weighs 1 ton.
  2. At the supplier end, a transaction for the consignment of 1 ton is created, This marks the creation of one transaction at the supplier end.
  3. The supplier delivers the consignment to the customer. 
  4. The consignment is split into 1000 units at the customer's warehouse and marked for dispatch to other downstream parties.
  5. A transaction is created for each unit. Hence this marks the creation of 1000 transactions at the customer end.
  6. When each of the 1000 units reach their respective destination, they are marked as received, which closes the transaction. 

In this case there are 1001 transactions, ( 1 for the container and 1000 for each of the split units) . A globally unique trace Id is created for each transaction that can be traced back to the origin of the product creation, as well as linked to the upstream product, which is the 1 ton container in this case.


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Pricing Disclaimer : 

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  • Prices are excluding the applicable taxes
  • Prices are subjected to change without notice